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4 Gifts for Christmas frenzy – adopt this challenge for the first time with your kids

4 Gifts for Christmas frenzy – adopt this challenge for the first time with your kids

There has been a lot of talk on social media these last few weeks about the 4 gifts rule for Christmas, however many parents are pushing back, as they find it so difficult to adopt such a method. Only 4 gifts? Is this possible?

The idea is to minimise how much your child receives for Christmas. So you only give them:

  • Something they WANT
  • Something they NEED
  • Something to WEAR
  • Something to READ

Many parents are also adding ‘Something to SHARE’ to this list, which may be a joint gift between siblings.

Often when receiving too many presents for Christmas, from Santa, parents, aunties/uncles, extended family & grandparents, children will stop loving what they are receiving, and not necessarily take notice of the gift, or be thankful for it. It’s just another present to open.….another toy added to the pile. Younger kids can often become upset and overwhelmed when there’s so many gifts, with family members all wanting them to get excited and have their picture taken as they open the gift. This is where the “4 gift” concept was created, so the light stays on and the kids appreciate their gifts, and the kids focus on what really matters.

So, what do you think? Could you adopt such a rule, and how would it work in your family?

I like the idea, and personally I already do this to a point. However, we give a few gifts in each of these categories. Usually I’ll buy two or three nice shirts or outfits, maybe 2 books and a colouring in/activity book, one share gift between them, one bigger main gift from Santa each, then some smaller stocking filler toys. I don’t’ go overboard, but I guess I don’t strictly stick to the 4 gifts only.

It think it depends on your kids ages too – older kids usually want one large and expensive item! (like an iPad, phone, Xbox games, designer branded clothes, etc). Whatever you decide to do for Christmas with your children, I think it is important to emphasise the reason for Christmas, and the gift of giving and being thankful for what we have around us.

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