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Mother’s Day – Isolation ideas of what you can do

Mother’s Day – Isolation ideas of what you can do

Mother’s Day this year is a little different – no nice cafe’s to go out to, no big family gatherings. But there are still great things you can do as a family at home and close to home, to ensure you celebrate and enoy the little things about being a mum. Here are some isolation ideas.

Have a Backyard Picnic

A nice simple way to enjoy Mother’s Day, is to get out in the sunshine, and enjoy a backyard picnic! You don’t have to “go” anywhere – pack a picnic basket as you would to go to a park. Some chicken & rolls, maybe a pasta salad and some doughnuts. Nice and easy and it really gives you the time to spend with the kids and relax.

Have a Virtual Zoom Party!

You’ve no doubt noticed an increase in Zoom party screenshots appearing in your Instagram story feeds. And it is for good reason! Zoom is a great video chat platform that allows people to video chat with each other. It’s a great isolation idea, super easy to use, and is the best way to have your own party with friends and family from all your own lounge rooms! Have some cake, bring the wine & cheese…..treat it like a real party!

Make your Virtual Party a Dance Party, or even dress up!

Why not take your virtual zoom party to the next level, and add some dance music – just dance around your lounge room! Why not!? There’s no rules here, dress up if you want to!

Take a walk in the fresh air, to a nearby park or walking track

Heading out for a stroll will really help you feel relaxed and get you out and about so you don’t have to DO anything. If you have a bush track, park or walking path nearby, head out for some fresh air, take the kids bikes, and just enjoy nature. You deserve a mental break. The Nepean River Walking track is a great one, or check out Yarramundi Reserve.

Try to have a sense or normality in your day

Now more than ever, the importance of sharing in small traditions like Mother’s Day can go a long way towards keeping a sense of normality during a time that couldn’t be further from such a luxury. Think about something that is ‘normal’ that you can enjoy as a family. This may be baking some pancakes, watching a movie together, sitting down and doing a puzzle. Choose what you enjoy. These small things will make the day feel like it’s still something special, even thought you’re staying home.

Play a Board Game

Wanting more isolation ideas – get out a good old fashioned board game! What ever your flavour is…..Monopoly, Jenga, Trouble, Connect 4, Shirades…….have some fun together and most importantly – laugh. Laughing is the best medicine.

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