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YOGA: The Benefits for Mums

YOGA: The Benefits for Mums

Being a mum can be exhausting. It’s 24/7, and we are always juggling activities, school, work, housework and dinner time. On top of all the actual things we have to physically do, we also need to think about nutritious meals, shopping, pets, and other weekend commitments.

Where is the mum down time in all of this?!

It can send you a little crazy, and make you feel like you never have one minute to yourself. Yoga is a way to have that mum down time you need so much. Not only does it give you a break from routine, is has many benefits for your mind and body – perfect for busy, stressed mums.

Now you might be thinking ‘Yoga isn’t for me’, ‘I’m not flexible enough’, ‘I have no balance’ or ‘it’s a bit slow for me’. There are over 100 different forms of yoga practices out there, so you’re bound to find a style that suits you.

If you’ve never tried it, here’s what it could do for you. Why not give it a go?

  1. Improves Sleep Quality – What mum doesn’t want a good night’s sleep! Enjoy feeling more rested with Yoga. You will relax and unwind, helping you to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and feel more rested when you wake up. 
  2. Improves Strength & Flexibility – Often after having children, our bodies can feel weak and not like they used to. Yoga is a gentle way to strengthen your muscles again – retrain them – and improve your overall flexibility with lots of stretching.
  3. Reduces Stress & Anxiety – Stress is a side effect of learning to parent, however Yoga is a great way to reduce your stress and take some time out mentally for yourself. Yoga has been shown to act as a self-soothing technique, and can help to manage stress response systems by reducing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and easing respiration.
  4. Improves your Concentration & Focus – If you’re switching between your work life, mum life and social life all the time, you can feel all over the place. Refocus with Yoga.
  5. Boosts your Immunity – Yoga poses rely on holding muscle tension for a short period of time, helping to improve cardiovascular fitness and circulation. This can help to reduce blood pressure and decrease risk factors for heart disease.
  6. Alleviates Back & Neck Pain – Ongoing pain every day when you pick up the kids, bend over constantly picking up toys, or wake up with a crooked neck is not fun. And it makes our days so much harder and more stressful when we don’t feel good. The best way is to make a start to change this constant pain.
  7. Improves Posture – Keeping good posture is so important throughout our life, to decrease back pain and complications in the future. A healthy spine means vital energy flows more freely.

Yoga tones and stretches the body releasing any tension that we have unknowingly stored inside. It assists you to ‘tune in’ and identify where you are holding your tension, enabling you to learn and train yourself on how to properly relax.

Written by Hawkesbury Penrith Mums (Ref: Australian Fitness Academy)

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