4 Gifts for Christmas frenzy – adopt this challenge for the first time with your kids

There has been a lot of talk on social media these last few weeks about the 4 gifts rule for Christmas, however many parents are pushing back, as they find it so difficult to adopt such a method. Only 4 gifts? Is this possible? Read more

3 ways to make your child’s school shoes last the year

Many children these days out-wear their school shoes, before they out-grow them. Shoes are structurally only designed to approximately last 6 months if worn 5 days a week, or 700 hours. So this automatically works against us parents trying to save our hard earned dollars and not purchase new shoes until the new year.

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WHAT’S ON THIS FATHER’S DAY – in and around the area

There’s lots happening in and around the Hawkesbury & Penrith areas this Father’s Day – Sunday 1st September. Check out our list of what’s on to help you make your day extra special.

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